Fire Insurance, Hickory, NC

With our nearly 100 years of experience, we are confident we can provide you with the appropriate amount of fire insurance for your Hickory home.

Fire Insurance in Hickory, North Carolina
Fire Insurance in Hickory – There are endless ways in which your Hickory, North Carolina home could be damaged or destroyed by fire. An untended candle, faulty space heater, electrical short, plugged dryer vent, chimney fire, lightning strike, vandalism or forest fire can all cause damage to your home and personal property. The key to restoring or rebuilding your home and replacing your belongings is having adequate fire insurance. Here at First Security Insurance, we can help you make sure you have appropriate fire insurance coverage for your situation.

Fire insurance is a component of homeowners insurance coverage as well as renters insurance. In the latter case, the coverage is a bit different, as it doesn’t cover the dwelling. However, with the proper coverage, you can be reimbursed for loss of use just as is offered by most homeowners policies. As is the case with any insurance coverage, you should consider what it would cost to replace your belongings when determining the amount of coverage you need for that. You’ll also need to decide between replacement value and depreciated value. In most cases, the added premium for replacement value is well worth the investment, particularly if the majority of your belongings are older.

You won’t need to concern yourself with knowing all the ins and outs of fire insurance. During an initial consultation, we are happy to go over every component and help you select the carrier and coverage that suits your needs. We’ll help you get the most fire insurance coverage possible for your budget, so if you join the roughly 350,000 families that will experience a residential fire in each year, you’ll have peace of mind that you can recover.

At First Security Insurance, we offer fire insurance to residents of Hickory, Lenoir, Morganton, Newton, Conover, Lincolnton, Catawba, Boone, Blowing Rock, and Mooresville, North Carolina.