determining what your homeowner’s insurance will cover

Insurance is one of the trickiest fields to navigate. With so much legal jargon and variation between policies, types of policies, and even variations between one company to another, it’s no wonder that many of us aren’t really sure what’s covered and what isn’t in our homeowner’s insurance! Because there are so many variables in determining what your homeowner’s insurance will cover, you will need to check this information against your actual individual policy. As a general rule, however, most homeowner’s insurance policies have these hidden gems of coverage within the terms of covered items:

1.  Medical bills- When you fall down and break your arm, you generally have your health insurance take care of the payment to the hospital. If you had a friend over and their child broke their arm playing on your jungle gym, your homeowner’s insurance can cover their medical bills. This is also important information should your dog ever bite a neighbor or cause other injuries.

2. Personal property- If an item of personal property is lost or stolen from your home, homeowner’s insurance can cover the cost of the loss. This means that if you leave your expensive bike in the driveway while you get a drink and come out to find it gone, your homeowner’s policy can help you replace it.

3. Landscaping features- Homeowner’s insurance also helps to cover the outbuildings or landscaping features surrounding your home. Should someone jump the curb and crash into your fence, for example, your policy might cover or pay a portion of the repairs.

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