3 Ways That Wedding Insurance Can Protect Your Big Day

Here at First Security Insurance, we know your wedding day is important to you. We also know that planning and executing such a big, momentous gathering is a stressful prospect, as there are many things that can go wrong. With almost 100 years of experience in the insurance industry, we are big believers in the power of insurance coverage to grant you both essential financial protection and even more important peace of mind. In this article, we’ll go over three ways that a wedding insurance policy can protect your big day.

  • No-Show Vendors- According to industry data, about 44 percent of wedding insurance claims are filed because of vendors who didn’t show up or who didn’t deliver what was promised. Obviously, such a situation has the potential to severely affect your wedding, as it’s hard to keep your guests happy when key items like the chairs or the food don’t arrive when they’re supposed to. Having wedding insurance will give you more avenues for recourse in that worst-case scenario, and you won’t lose money because of vendors who don’t deliver.
  • Property Damage- Our team here at First Security Insurance understands that sometimes accidents happen, even at a happy occasion like a wedding. Whether it’s due to an accident during set-up or a guest’s wild antics during the reception, there’s a chance that someone at the event could do damage to the venue or other property. Wedding insurance gives you a financial safety net that will help you deal with the fallout should that occur.
  • Injury to Attendees- The last big thing that wedding insurance will protect you from is unexpected medical bills in the event that someone in attendance suffers an injury, including yourself. If any of your guests are known to be accident-prone or you just want the extra mental assurance that comes with an emergency plan, wedding insurance is a wise investment.

If you have further questions about wedding insurance, feel free to contact our team at First Security Insurance to learn more.