Besides Car Insurance, What Policies Should You Have?

Let’s face it, most insurance policies cover situations you hope never to face. With the exception of life insurance, you would be just fine with never having to put in a claim. Some insurance policies are required, such as car insurance in every state of the country, and homeowners’ insurance if you have a mortgage. Others are optional but no less important if they minimize your risk. Here are a few coverages you might want to have besides car insurance:

  • Wedding Insurance – The average cost for a wedding these days is in excess of $30,000. That’s more than you might have invested in a vehicle, so it stands to reason that you’d want coverage to soften the blow if an unexpected cancellation or postponement due to extreme weather, illness or injury costs you sizeable deposits and other costs. Wedding insurance also covers damage to the venue or illness caused by your wedding. It can also include liquor liability coverage.
  • Renters’ Insurance – You may not own a home, but you probably have a fair number of belongings that would be costly to replace if something were to destroy where you live or another loss situation were to occur. Coverage is very affordable for such peace of mind.
  • Personal Insurance – Like it or not, we live in a litigious society. General liability and personal umbrella coverage will protect from unexpected claims against you. If you have a decent net worth, you are more likely to be sued and should have a personal insurance coverage limit that is in line with your personal worth.

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