Car Insurance Tip: Research History of Used Car Before Purchasing

Most people recognize that there is always some risk involved when purchasing a used car. Even those that have been certified by a dealer and given a 90-day or longer warranty can prove to be problematic. Since car insurance doesn’t cover “pre-existing conditions,” such as a bent frame, water damage, and other conditions, it is best to thoroughly research the history of a used car before purchasing.

One of the most common problems is getting stuck with a vehicle that was damaged in a flood. Every time there is a hurricane somewhere along the coastline, damaged cars find their way on the market far from where they were flooded. It isn’t always easy to spot the problems either, so even an inspection from your garage can miss hidden rust, corrosion, and damage to the electronics.

There are three different methods that you can use to find the history of a vehicle by using the VIN number.

  1. You can purchase an online history report from a company such as Carfax. Not all flood-damaged cars get submitted to car insurance companies, so check it for insurance lapses that could indicate an extended repair time. Also look for large mileage disparities for the same reason.
  2. You can contact the DMV to find out what car insurance companies have been involved and then contact them to find out if they’ve paid any claims on it.
  3. Ask the owner for insurance policy information. If they balk, it could be that they are trying to sell a water-damaged vehicle.

If you are purchasing a used car, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at First Security Insurance to get a quote for car insurance. We are happy to advise you in any way we can so you can make an informed purchase. Call today to learn more about car insurance and other types of insurance for your home or business.