covered items that are common in homeowner’s insurance

Insurance is a very nuanced business. Coverage can change not just from region to region but from person to person. It can be very tricky to find out what your homeowner’s insurance does and does not cover! At First Security Insurance, we always recommend that our clients read their policies very carefully as well as consult with one of our insurance experts for when they have questions about coverage. That being said, there are several commonalities that many policies share, including some of these covered items that are common in homeowner’s insurance.

Something that many homeowners are surprised to learn is covered is the tree removal process. If a tree is struck by lightning, damaged by a fire, or blown onto your house by a storm, your tree removal will most likely be covered as well as the damaged to your home. Should a tree fall onto an open lawn due to termite damages or rot, it will likely need to be removed with costs from your own pocket.

Another thing that homeowners are surprised to learn is covered by homeowner’s insurance is medical costs of those injured on your property. Let’s say that a neighbor comes over to play outside with your kids and breaks their arm while on your property. Their medical costs could potentially be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

A few things that are not covered by homeowner’s insurance include damages caused by earthquakes, floods, bed bugs, mold, sinkholes, and a few others. These will most always require a separate policy in addition to homeowner’s insurance in order to be covered.

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