Classic car insurance

Classic car insurance is significantly cheaper in most cases than standard auto insurance, so you may want to know if your car qualifies for this specialized type of insurance. There are even companies that specialize in policies for classic or antique cars. If you are considering purchasing a classic car, it is important to learn about classic car insurance options before committing to the purchase.

Here are some things to know about classic car insurance:

  • It is intended for vehicles that are 25 years old or older.
  • It is intended for vehicles that are only used occasionally and are not driven regularly. If you only use your car in an occasional parade or take it to classic car shows, there’s a good chance you can get a classic car insurance policy.
  • Often, there is no deductible and you will get the current estimated value of the car if it is totaled.
  • If you have restoration work completed on your classic car, it is important to make sure your classic car insurance policy reflects this increased valuation.
  • To qualify for classic car insurance, you will need to be an experienced driver with 10 or more years of driving and a clean driving record.
  • Cars covered by classic car insurance are usually required to be stored inside out of the weather in a garage or other storage structure.

If you have another car for your daily transportation needs and can maintain limited mileage on your classic or antique car, classic car insurance may be the perfect coverage for your needs.