Wedding insurance

Many people are surprised by the suggestion of wedding insurance. But, when you really consider how much the average wedding costs these days, the question should be why wouldn’t you protect your investment? The average wedding insurance policy covers photos, videos, attire, presents, rings and site deposits. These policies are fairly inexpensive compared to the expenses incurred at your average wedding. For an extra fee, you can include liability coverage and other coverage as needed. You can even cover your honeymoon expenses in case you are unable to go for some reason.

If you are thinking about getting wedding insurance, the first step is to schedule an appointment with your insurance agent to discuss your needs. At a minimum, your wedding insurance should protect you from unforeseen weather events or medical emergencies that cause you to have to delay. Wedding insurance gives you peace of mind that you are protected from things that are out of your control and that you will get reimbursed for your expenses should something happen.

Before choosing your wedding insurance coverage, check with the site where you are planning on having the wedding. Many wedding venues have their own insurance policies, which may reduce your needs to purchase your own policy. It is also important to realize that wedding insurance has limitations. If the bride or groom change their mind at the last minute, that is not covered. Generally, jewelry other than the wedding rings themselves are not covered. While wedding insurance won’t cover everything, it can protect you and allow you to better enjoy your special day.