classic car insurance can be inexpensive

Classic cars are in a class all by themselves in terms of cars in general, as well as in terms of how you insure them. Because classic cars are usually driven differently, stored carefully, and even need to be owned by owners of a certain age in order to get classic car insurance, many people are surprised to learn that classic car insurance can be inexpensive when compared to your everyday car insurance. At First Security Insurance, we work with classic car insurance often and would like to tell you a few other ins and outs that might surprise you about classic car insurance.

Classic car insurance requires more than just a car of a certain age, although most insurers require that it is at least 15 years old. A classic car needs to be a car that is driven less than 5000 miles per year, is not your primary vehicle, is stored carefully, and is owned by a person who is 25 years old or older. Depending on the insurer, there may be other exclusions or considerations that need to be met.

A classic car doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive, or collectible to be considered a classic car and be eligible for classic car insurance. Your classic car can be your favorite car from high school that you can’t bear to part with. Even if it is just an old station wagon, if it’s a car that meets the other requirements, you can have it qualified for classic car insurance.

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