Classic car insurance works much like standard car insurance

Here at First Security Insurance, we know that the variety of insurance policies and categories available can be overwhelming. When it comes to auto insurance, one term you may hear as you shop for coverage is “classic car insurance”. In this article, we’ll be going over what classic car insurance is and what vehicles qualify for it.

Classic car insurance works much like standard car insurance and comes with most of the same policies, such as medical, collision, and liability coverage. However, unlike regular car insurance, insurance for classic cars has certain stipulations, including that the car not be used as a primary driving vehicle, limitations on annual mileage, and additional limitations on where and how you can drive it—an accident during a parade or exhibition would be covered, for example, while one that takes place on your way to work would likely not. Most insurers also have a requirement that your car be at least 25 years old and that you have a good driving record.

While we at First Security Insurance understand that this may seem like a lot of rules, the coverage that classic car insurance typically provides in return is considered by most collectors to be well worth it. Some examples of classic car insurance protections include auto show medical coverage, which protects you in the event that someone suffers an injury while involved in a show that features your car; no attendance required coverage, which protects the vehicle while it’s on display outside of your direct custody; and spare parts coverage to cover the cost of any spare parts you have in the event that they are lost or stolen.

We at First Security Insurance hope that this information has been helpful. If you have further questions about classic car insurance, just give us a call to consult one of our experts.